Detroit Style Pizza

Friday Night Pies !  Authentic Blue Steel Pan Detroit Deep Dish Pizza.  All pies are 14" x 10" and feed 3-4 people.  Order your pie and pick your toppings that's it!  



The Meats

Pepperoni, Italian Meatballs, Italian Smoked Sausage, Bacon, Smoked Ham,  Bbq Chicken

Veggies & More

Fresh Green Peppers, Fresh Mushrooms, Sliced Roma Tomatoes, Black Olives, Pineapple, Fresh Jalapenos, Fresh Onions

On the House

Parmigiano Reggiano, Ricotta Cheese, Marinara Dipping Sauce,

Jalapeno Maple Dipping Syrup

Cheese and Sauce                       $20

add 1 item                                   $22

add 2 items                                 $23

add 3 items                                 $24

add 4 items                                 $25

additional items                       $1 

Limited Availability, Friday nights only, check our updates on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter

Pick ups only, please contact by phone/text/email or DM on Instagram.  

​We accept cash or e-transfer only